Order Repeat Scripts

Repeat prescriptions for some regular medications may be obtained without making an appointment at Cashmere Health.

Theses can be ordered through our website or online with our new Patient Portal Manage My Health

This service is at your doctor’s discretion, so please discuss email scripts at your next appointment.

We do not usually provide repeats if you were not seen for your last prescription or your medication was changed at your last visit.

An appointment is always needed for certain medications.

Please remember a charge applies for prescriptions.

The preferred option is to select a Pharmacy to collect from, instead of the option to collect at the Medical Centre, but this can still be an option if this suits you better.

Once your prescription has been sent to the requested pharmacy you will receive an email to confirm. Attached to this will be a copy of the account for this service.

You can request your repeat prescription by using the form below or alternatively with the new patient Portal  Manage My Health


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    We will ONLY contact you if an appointment with your doctor is needed, or if we require any further information to issue the prescription, otherwise you script will be available after 48 hours.