Enrolled Patient fees


Doctor Consultations

The fees listed are guideline only. They are the doctors fees usually charged for our standard 15 minute consultation. Please advise us if you require a longer appointment – an additional fee applies. There may also be extra charges for materials used or additional services.
Please ask us for a quote for minor surgical procedures as prices vary depending on procedure.
Some health services available at Cashmere Health are provided by independent providers who have their own fee schedule.
The table of fees shows our standard GP consultation fee for enrolled and funded patients in the different age groups subsidised by the Government:
0-13 years                     Free
14-17 years                   $45
over 18 years                $56
Patients with Community Services Card:
Under 14 :         Free
14-17 years:       $13.00
Over 18 years    $19.50

Please note patients not enrolled at Cashmere Health will pay a higher consultation fee.

Effective from 01 June 2023.
Enrolment is where you choose to make us your regular doctor. We arrange for your medical notes to be transferred from your previous doctor, along with the local health authority (PHO) funding. This means you can then get the subsidized consultation fees. Not everyone is eligible for enrolment. The Ministry of Health website has a guide to eligibility criteria (www.moh.govt.nz/eligibility). The eligibility of non-New Zealand residents for publicly funded health care depends on their work visa status.

Payment Methods

Payment can be made by:
  • cash
  • cheque
  • credit card (Visa, Mastercard)
  • Direct credit to our bank –  account 12 3494 0017884 00

Terms of Trade

  • We appreciate your payment on the day of Consultation or Service
  • If you are unable to pay at the time of consultation, we will issue you with an invoice and ask that you arrange settlement within 7 days.
Outstanding Accounts:
  • During the first week of each month, unpaid fees/accounts are mailed out
  • If an account remains unpaid 30 days after payment is due, we will contact you to request settlement.
  • If an account remains unpaid 60 days after payment is due we will contact you to request immediate settlement and inform you of our decision to refer your account to a Debt Collection Agency, for which you will be liable for the costs incurred.
Our bank account number is 12 3494 0017884 00 and we welcome direct credit payments .
Automatic payments are a good way to pay your medical bill in regular small payment amounts.
If you have any difficulties in paying your account, please talk to us!
We can discuss options with you.


  • Please pay at the time of consultation.
  • We do not run accounts but if you have difficulty in making a payment it is important to speak to our reception staff. They will do their best to assist you and provide bank account details for regular automatic payments.